This collection of memories and projects offer a glimpse into the hospitality part of my life; We/you are well aware of the hard work and commitment that is required to move forward in this industry. There’s a point to that though, an attraction that is the drive for those that are content to give their all for this, because when they present themselves, the rewards of a life like this, they are so worthwhile – it always involves people, either on my side of the team or as participants in an experience, finding themselves involved in the better side of life; music, food, beverage, design, theater or art – but again, the people and their energy, their expression or admiration – the purpose of our struggle?


Perhaps the, this is more of a reminder for myself, to savor the good parts of this life and remind me why I’m in it for the long run. But if at any stage this offers a prospect hotelier a glimpse of what is possible and helps to form their own story – it would be so fitting with the spirit of the work that we do; creating experiences.


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Eelco Böhtlingk